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ACF Enterprises, LLC is not your average training company. Our blended learning approach takes into consideration there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution for knowledge transfer. People have different preferred learning styles. That's why we incorporate various learning techniques and powerful tools into our certificate programs to keep people engaged. These methods include live webinars, online courses in modular formats, instructor-led classroom training, quizzes, interactive multimedia technologies, hands-on learning that involves the use of tools and more.


​While it's not possible for inner city youth to study abroad in the fictional world of Wakanda, they can learn about cool jobs and careers that exist in their own community. ACF Enterprises is partnering with Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and local organizations to bring the BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE GREEN JOBS AND CAREER EXPO to urban centers. 

Exposing inner city youth to a wider array of cool jobs and careers, as well as positive role models, is the mission of the BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE EXPO. Research has determined the link between schools and careers is largely absent for a vast majority of students living in low-income households. The Expo is a culturally-connected event that motivates students to aspire to create neighborhoods dotted with green roofs and energy-efficient trains that zip along elevated tracks.

There's no escaping the power of innovation in Disney-Marvel's blockbuster hit movie, Black Panther. Wakanda is a fictional nation in Africa that is so technologically advanced it is self sufficient. The BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE GREEN JOBS AND CAREER EXPO provides a strategic pathway for middle school and high school students to learn what it take to maintain Wakanda. Urban students can familiarize themselves with various professions, jobs and careers; network with successful African-Americans; meet potential employers, and connect with colleges and technical schools.

​The program provides lesson plans for teachers and activities to engage students in exploring different industry options and career paths prior to attending the Expo. 


SEMS™ Green Business Certification

SEMS™ is the core training component of the Building for the Future"Best Practices" initiative. Professionals

engaged with community development, Section 3 compliance and affordable housing find SEMS™ Green Business Certification to be a valuable support tool for economic inclusion.  A SEMS™ Certified vendor can produce a competency certificate,plan of action to guide the company's transition to sustainable operations, and an internal audit report to verify that sustainable policies and practices are functional and not just self proclamations.  SEMS™ Certification is based on an award category that recognizes a supplier company's ability to create enduring value by incorporating sustainable principles into day-to-day operations.

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Building for the Future "Best Practices for RAD"  was created by Robert Bell for the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority

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ACF Enterprises has been providing affordable specialized education and coaching for more than 13 years in the fields of Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Economic Inclusion.  We equip people with essential skills and knowledge to increase their productivity. Our Building for the Future certificate training programs provide a dynamic learning environment where initiative is invited and innovation is celebrated.