​​​​​​​​SEMS™ is a core component of Building for the Future, which was nominated as a "National Best Practice" by HUD for cities to use with RAD. This initiative won NAHRO's 2017 "Award of Excellence".

Our Company at a Glance

Who We Are

ACF Enterprises, LLC offers a variety of dynamic, non-credit certificate programs specifically designed to advance a career, develop the supply base or engage diverse entrepreneurs in sustainability best practices.

We've been around for over 10 years and have won awards for SEMS™ sustainability and inclusion solutions. But most important, we've earned a solid reputation for building small business capability and capacity. 


​If you would like to bring Building For The Future "Best Practices" RAD Training or Building Blocks for Economic Inclusion to your city, contact us. 


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SEMS™ Green Business Certification

SEMS™ is the core training component of the Building for the Future"Best Practices" initiative. Professionals

engaged with community development, Section 3 compliance and affordable housing find SEMS™ Green Business Certification to be a valuable support tool for economic inclusion.  A SEMS™ Certified vendor can produce a competency certificate,plan of action to guide the company's transition to sustainable operations, and an internal audit report to verify that sustainable policies and practices are functional and not just self proclamations.  SEMS™ Certification is based on an award category that recognizes a company's ability to create enduring value by incorporating sustainable principles into day-to-day operations.

New challenges require new services. Our award-winning Sustainability and Economic Inclusion certificate and training programs offer a variety of best practices and unique solutions. Whether you're  a business consultant, coach or in the field of training others, our Partner Program is a win-win situation. The program supports a career framework for teaching innovative best practices to organizations and municipalities in need of strategies and tools to achieve economic inclusion success.

The proprietary Building Blocks model is the "backbone" of a comprehensive new paradigm to get community leaders to rethink economic inclusion and diversity from a holistic perspective. The model consists of eight interrelated building blocks that serve as the umbrella to expand economic opportunity, increase social equity and advance sustainability.

The Partners Program is for a select group of carefully chosen individuals who operate their business with a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. ACF’s high standards for granting Partner status and our ongoing development of training curriculum ensures quality delivery of proprietary programs like Building For The Future, Building Blocks for Economic Inclusion, Disaster Recovery and the SEMS™ model for Sustainability Education and Green Business Certification.

What The Partnership Means For You
If selected to become a Training Partner, you will receive product knowledge training, marketing support and tools that contribute significantly to your success. We will market and publicize your company or organization as a “Building Blocks Partner" to literally thousands of potential customers on the Building For The Future website.

Partner status is acquired by clicking on the REGISTER button below, download the REQUEST FOR INFORMATION form to your computer, fill out the form and email to us. You will receive a response within seven business days.

ACF Enterprises, LLC 

What We Do

ACF Enterprises is devoted to providing professional development and entrepreneurial readiness training to teach the fundamentals of sustainability, diversity,  inclusion and disaster recovery. Our certificate training programs provide a dynamic adult learning environment where initiative is invited and innovation is celebrated. 

​Our goal is to improve the operational efficiency of small and diverse businesses so they can effectively scale up and grow within the local economy. We can customize a blended program that integrates webinars, workshops, seminars, green events and conferences with our state-of-the-art courseware, or we can weave our sustainability training into your organization's curriculum. 


Contact Us: info@buildingforthefuture.net

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The Building for the Future with RAD initiative is presented in partnership with the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority