This informative webinar series consists of five 60-minute lessons with hands-on assignments. The training provides Section 3, small and diverse business owners with ”best practices” to engage with U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD’s) Rental Assistance Demonstration program known as RAD.  The “Ready For RAD! webinar series presents a basic introduction to the Building for the Future "National Best Practice" initiative, as well as an overview of the massive economic opportunities that RAD conversions present.  

REGISTER NOW! 2018 "Ready For RAD" Schedule​​

Webinar #1 - How To Overcome Barriers To Inclusion

Thursday, March 8, 2018      2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

RAD is on the move across America, with a goal to address a massive $26 BILLION backlog in public housing repairs and maintenance. This webinar helps entrepreneurs to connect the dots between the tremendous economic opportunities that RAD represents and how to engage the business on a local level. Using a SEMS™ Future Proof assessment tool, participants make an independent evaluation of their environmental, social and economic impacts to see which challenges they must overcome.

COST: $59 (includes SEMS™  tool and worksheet to download)  

Webinar #2 - Sustainability and RAD Requirements
Thursday, March 22, 2018       2:00 pm - 3:00 pm      

Construction is one of  the fastest changing, as well as one the fastest growing industries in the marketplace today. This webinar provides Section 3, small and diverse business owners with an understanding of the theory and practice of sustainability and the need/rationale for including “green building” principles in RAD conversions. Participants learn how sustainability “best practices” can be a game changer during the RFP/RFQ process for RAD. 
COST: $59 (includes SEMS™  tool and worksheet to download)

Webinar #5  - Benefits of SEMS™ Certification
Thursday, June 28, 2018             2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Most small and diverse business owners are unprepared to face the environmental, social and economic challenges of a 21st Century marketplace. But, when sustainability is leveraged as a competitive advantage, a unique transformation takes place. This webinar explores the benefits of operating a leaner, more efficient organization that maximizes resources and minimizes waste. Participants learn how to use the tools and templates of a proven model that takes small and diverse businesses to a new level of capability and capacity.
COST: $59  (includes SEMS™  tool and worksheet to download)

"Ready For RAD!" Webinar Series

Register once to access all five webinars above and receive a
$20 DISCOUNT plus a FREE "Ready For RAD" skills training workbook that includes an array of worksheets and templates ($39.95 VALUE). Register now and attend all five webinars to earn a "Ready For RAD" Certificate of Completion from the Institute for Sustainable Business Education.
DISCOUNT COST: $275 (includes FREE workbook)


The SEMS™ methodology empowers companies with sustainability planning skills, training and tools to monitor progress, and provides a recognized green business certification. SEMS™ Sustainability Education and Green Business Certification has been recognized and applauded by organizations in both the public and private sectors. SEMS™ is an acronym for Supplier Excellence in Managing Sustainability.

SEMS™ is the core training component for the award-winning Building for the Future "National Best Practices" program. Achieving SEMS™ Green Business Certification is evidence the enterprise is operating a leaner, more efficient organization by maximizing resources and minimizing waste.​​

​Everything a small business owner needs to transition to sustainable operations is available completely online 24/7, or through our "Ready for RAD" webinar series  with online followup.

Webinar #4 - Building Capacity with RAD and Disaster Recovery
Wednesday, May 24, 2018              2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

What does preparation for RAD have to do with natural disasters and civic emergencies? Both are creating unprecedented business opportunities for Section 3, small and diverse businesses. This webinar explores a  range of government-funded projects that offer REAL opportunities. Participants learn how to identify projects that include the Section 3 Regulatory or Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, which require inclusion or green building certification.
COST: $59 (includes SEMS™  tool and worksheet to download)

What Is SEMS Certification?

​​This blended learning program provides an in-depth look at the nuances of natural disasters, including who gets recovery funding and how dollars are spent. The training is designed as a grassroots initiative whereby small and diverse businesses are prepared ahead of time to use their skills safely and responsibly, while applying sustainability best practices to housing recovery needs.

Expediency and preparation go hand-in-hand in response to disasters and emergencies. Having a unique resource of Section 3 and diverse businesses adds value to whatever exists in the community by allowing housing agencies to quickly mobilize when the unexpected happens.

Join The "Disaster Recovery Ready Team"

Knowing the skills and strategies for disaster recovery not only builds competitive advantage into your business, but  prepares your company for contracting opportunities as well.  Cities across the nation are looking for diverse contractors that can clean up debris and help to rebuild low-income neighborhoods in the wake of natural disasters. The types of businesses include everything from plumbers and painters to electricians and landscapers and demolition specialists. What's in it for you? -- a chance to share in a staggering $83 BILLION in recovery contract opportunities!

Topics included in our "Disaster Recovery Ready Team" training focus on identifying different hazards; safety and risk management techniques,  green cleanup and waste reduction; OSHA, EPA and DOT requirements; alternative energy; Green Building certifications; water conservation and more. You'll learn how recovery dollars are spent in the short-term and the long-term, which projects are considered priority and how to connect with purchasing agents for recovery contract opportunities.​​

Training consists of a full-day seminar with a license for  follow-up online e-courses. The "Disaster Recovery Ready Team Network" is for small and diverse businesses that successfully complete the training program. Once you pass the final exam, you will be invited to join the Network. The BFTF website will lists companies by region that have been "certified" as a Disaster Recovery Ready Team member. 

COST: $299 (Training consists of a one-day seminar with follow-up online classes and course assignments. Full-day seminars will be held in various cities throughout 2018. Check back often for schedules.)

COST: $295.00 
(Includes a 12-month license to access and use the online  e-courses, tutorials, templates, and a downloadable workbook to assist in the development of a sustainability plan. SEMS™ Green Business Certification is awarded upon successfully  completing the Certification exam after six months of plan implementation.)

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The Building for the Future with RAD initiative is presented in partnership with the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority

Webinar #3 - How To Create A Sustainability Plan
Thursday, May 3, 2018          2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

This webinar is a hands-on guide to bring more clarity and direction to the sustainability planning process. Participants learn how an action plan serves as a road map to operate the business using the same principles large corporations use to maximize resources and minimize waste. Using the SEMS™ seven-step planning model and the SEMS™ Planning Template, participants draft a basic sustainability plan that adds value and competitive advantage to the business. 
COST: $59 (includes SEMS™  tool and worksheet to download)


 The Disaster  Recovery Ready Team

​​​​​​​​SEMS™ is a core component of Building for the Future, which was nominated as a "National Best Practice" by HUD for cities to use with RAD. This initiative won NAHRO's 2017 "Award of Excellence".