Just because you know how to hang dry wall doesn't mean you know how to run a business.  If you're struggling to get contracts, there's probably a wide gap from how you operated yesterday and what you need for today and tomorrow. So why not sign up for SEMS™ GREEN BUILD BOOTCAMP. 

To be successful as a small contractor, subcontractor or specialty trade entrepreneur requires knowledge, skills and a strategy that fits what the construction industry wants and needs. BOOTCAMP will help you operate a leaner, more efficient organization -- one that maximizes resources and minimizes waste. Here's what you can expect by participating in our 30-day BOOTCAMP training experience.

  • BOOTCAMP starts with a risk assessment to see if your business is fit to compete in an ever-changing construction industry. This is  normally followed by a total disarray of confusion because it may seem like you're not doing anything right. (Don't worry).

  • The real fun beings when you analyze gaps in how you operate the business and what your customers expect. That's when you'll discover continuous improvement makes good business sense.

  • During the second week you'll learn everything you need to know about "green building" and certification requirements. Your basic training will include a variety of business readiness strategies to help you avoid obstacles to inclusion you may have to encounter.


  • In the third week, there's a lot of hands-on learning. You will get direct experience in creating a sustainability plan of action. This is a good thing. Once the plan is complete, it will clearly give your business value and a competitive advantage. ​

  • By week four, you'll feel more confident about implementing your sustainability plan and becoming SEMS™  Certified. You'll spend time recapping what you've learned, so you're ready for the final exam and a virtual graduation. 

COST: $99.00 for four weeks of training.


​​ ▪  Green Infrastructure & Sustainable Building 
     (4 modules; each module is approximately 25 -

      45 min. in length)

 ▪  Sustainability and Procurement 
    (2 modules with workbook activities; each         

     module is approximately 30 - 45 min. in length)

 ▪  The Sustainable Advantage 
     (4 modules; each module is approximately 30 -

      35 minutes in length) 

 ▪  Creating A Sustainability Plan 
    (4 modules with workbook activities, each       

    module is approximately 60 - 90 min. in length)

 ▪  Supplier Excellence in Managing Sustainability 
    (4 modules with workbook activities, each                 module is approximately 60 - 
90 min. in length)

Participants earn a Building for the Future Certificate of Commendation upon successfully completing a sustainability plan document and passing the program’s final exam. The SEMS™ Certification credential is awarded after implementing a sustainability plan for a period of six months and passing a two-part exam with a score of 70%  or better. The SEMS™  credential exam is totally online.

​​​​​​​​​SEMS™ is a core component of Building for the Future, which was nominated as a "National Best Practice" by HUD for cities to use with RAD. This initiative won NAHRO's 2017 "Award of Excellence".

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What Is SEMS™ Green Build BootCamp?

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